Tree trimming and pruning are both essential in preserving you tree’s integrity and well-being. They are not merely done to cut the tree’s limbs off and make them look beautiful. It plays an important role in a tree’s growth and development. If trimming and pruning is done the right way and at the right time, it encourages a more fruitful yield, including blooming flowers. If done the wrong way and at the wrong time however, it may cause serious damage to the tree, and may even lead to death. If you are anywhere near Fresno, we can help you with your trimming problems and save you the time and hassle.

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Why Should You Trim and Prune Your Trees

  • Aesthetic purposes. Trimming is usually done on shrubs and plants, and its main purpose is for them to look beautiful and appealing. In some high-valued properties, they are even shaped to look like wildlife or fictional characters. It takes knowledge and good eye to successfully pull it off. Cutting off too much or too soon can cause severe damage to a plant and later on die.

  • Safety purposes. Pruning is an essential upkeep to a tree to avoid future incidents. Branches can grow the wrong way and interfere with power lines or simply becoming weak and falling down on unaware pedestrians. It is better to keep your trees, especially mature ones in check for any liability issues on your part.

  • Preserve the tree’s integrity and well-being. In cases where branches or stems are rotting, diseased or pest infested, pruning can improve their health and encourage growth. It also prevents some diseases from spreading to nearby vegetation. If you want your tree or shrub to look beautiful and healthy, consistent pruning is a good solution.

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