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Whether the tree needs pruning, fertilization, pest removal or injection, we have you covered. Fresno Tree Removal offers full-service professional tree care, from roots to crown, no matter the difficulty. We have encountered almost all kinds of diseases, pest infestations, and barren soils in and around Fresno, giving us the preparations needed to keep your trees or vegetation in top-notch health.

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Trees play a vital role in preserving our ecosystem. They provide food and oxygen to different kinds of wildlife, and that includes us humans. Taking care of a tree’s health is as the same as taking care of the environment’s well-being. That being said, it bodes well for everyone else to preserve and maintain a tree’s health.


Tree Fertilization


Trees and plants thrive in a naturally rich soil, but when it comes to an urban environment, they may need fertilization to improve their vitality and integrity. This is where we offer our services. Our trained technicians will assess the situation and come up with a proper fertilization plan that would enhance the soil, providing all the nutrients they need. These nutrients would also help fight against diseases and reduces chances of pest infestation.


Call us now and we can provide you a proper tree fertilization plan that can work wonders!

Tree Injection


Pests and parasites are detrimental to a tree’s health when they go unnoticed. In fact, reports have shown that millions of trees have been severely damaged and destroyed because of it. Now that people are more aware on how they affect trees, science has provided us with a more effective solution. Aside from using pesticides, injections are now known to effectively repel pests and insects that can be harmful to trees or vegetation. With the help of injection, trees are revitalized and strengthened.


Do note that tree types and tree conditions are factors that could determine what type of injection is needed or when is the right time for injection. To make sure your tree is properly taken care of, Fresno Tree Removal have certified arborists that can immediately assess the problem and provide the best solution possible.


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